Split earlobe repair

A split earlobe can occur from trauma or the long term use of heavy earrings. In some cases, the earlobe may just be stretched rather than completely split. The appearance of split earlobes can make one feel self conscious and embarrassed. It also does not allow you to wear earrings.

What should I expect ?

A split earlobe repair can be done under local anaesthetic. You will be admitted on the day of surgery and will be able to go home on the same day after surgery. The ear will be injected with local anaesthetic prior to the procedure. Following the surgery the wound will be stitched and dressed with skin super glue which acts as a dressing. You will need to keep the wound dry for 48 hours, following which you will be able to clean the wound gently. You will be followed up at 7 days during which point the wound will be checked and the stitches removed. You should avoid wearing earrings for a further 3 months.

What is the follow up ?

You will be followed up at 7 days during which point the wound will be checked and the stitches removed. You will then be followed up again at 3 months to check the final result

What are the risks and complications ?

Scarring : The scar will initially be red and raised but it will settle down over a period of 6-12 months to a white line. In rare cases, scarring on the ear may remain lumpy and keloid

Bleeding : Bleeding from the wound is uncommon but if it occurs, simple pressure should stop it

Infection : Infection is uncommon. If it occurs you will require a course of antibiotics

Notching : When the earlobe is repaired, every effort is taken to ensure that there is a smooth transition between the 2 repaired skin flaps but in some instances, there may be a small notch between the two

Recurrence : A repaired split earlobe may split again if earrings are worn before the scar completely matures or if the earrings that are worn are very heavy. It is advised that light earrings are worn to avoid the earlobe splitting again.

Asymmetry : Ears can be asymmetrical and following surgery this asymmetry will remain. Also following repair, there may be small differences between the 2 ears


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